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Welcome to the Real Estate Services Page. On this page you will find a number of short videos covering all aspects of the real estate transaction. You will learn tips for both Buyers and Sellers; tips from local Title Companies, Real Estate Attorneys, Lenders, Insurance Carriers, Home Inspectors and much, much more.

You will also find a special video explaining, in detail, how to pick the right Realtor for you. You will learn what to watch for and what to watch out for as well as tips and tricks some Realtors use to get your business.

Welcome to the Real Estate Services Page.


Real Estate News and Market Update, April 2020


We hope you and your family are all staying safe in these trying times. In the Real Estate side of things these issues have created a temporary change in market conditions for us here on the Treasure Coast. What for the past couple years has been a strong Sellers Market has temporarily become a short term Buyers Market.  The market conditions here in Southeast Florida has had a low inventory and an abundance of Buyers has shown very little growth in inventory and a disappearance of buyers through this national crisis thus creating the change in market conditions. It is predicted that when the state opens back up it wont take long to go right back to being a strong Sellers Market.


Market conditions here on the Treasure Coast are thriving. Taking a snap shot and looking at Saint Lucie County in the past year as of March shows Prices up 5.5%, Inventory down 10.3%, Closed transactions are up 15.1% and days on market down 25%. That screams Sellers Market, but now with everybody staying home we give birth to the temporary Buyers Market. To take advantage of this opportunity you can reach out to Treasure Coast Realtor Pamela Parris at , If you need help finding the right Realtor to help you sell your Treasure Coast property or if you have questions about your transaction reach out to our friends at FWH Professional Group Inc at .

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